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Worldwide Brands and It’s Competitors

While there are many paid wholesaler directories on the Internet, Worldwide Brands is known to be by far the most expensive at $299 for lifetime membership.  So why does it cost so much – and what do you get access to for nearly $300?

Worldwide Brands was founded in 1999, making it the oldest directory of wholesalers and drop shippers by quite a long way (Salehoo, the second oldest, was founded in 2005).  That may be impressive in an age of startups and short-lived online companies, but it's not the key feature of WWB.  Worldwide Brands is also the largest directory in terms of the number of both suppliers and products listed – again by a long way.

While Salehoo lists about 2 million products, Worldwide Brands is around eight times the size with over 16 million products on offer at trade prices from about 10,000 wholesalers, drop shippers and liquidators.  All of these suppliers are certified by Worldwide Brands and guaranteed to be ligitimate – another feature that free sources of wholesalers cannot compete with.

While this may sound impressive, it is also very expensive – especially as there are now many free sources of wholesale goods online (such as  So, before joining a paid directory like Worldwide Brands or Salehoo, make sure that you will actually use the features on offer and that you cannot get the same wholesale products online for less.

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