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Why it is useful to create a Telegram channel for your digital media

1. Telegram allows you to create public channels. You can go in and out as often as you like. This instant messaging network allows you to communicate freely and can be used to convince your target that you won’t invade their space or send you spam every day. 

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2. Anonymity has its advantages: Only the administrator will be able to see who joined the group. This protects the reader’s privacy. The total number of members can be viewed by everyone, but not the data. 

Telegram’s public community is both open and closed, unlike WhatsApp groups where anyone can invade another user’s chat space. You can live with other readers and they won’t be able to contact you in any way.

3. There are many media outlets that have had positive experiences. But don’t expect millions of users. Instead, expect loyal readers. Telegram is a popular alternative to traditional media. 

Telegram has national media like El Espanol and, which have more than 16,000 members and 1,000 respectively. Others locally, such as Ceuta Actualidad are also available. They have begun to make their first steps beyond the website.