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Where can you Find Asbestos Apart from Home?

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Once a valuable part of the construction, asbestos has made it to several materials. While you can find the fibrous silicate mineral in homes, those aren’t the only places for it to live. Wondering what all places can get asbestos contamination? Here’s the list

Asbestos in Schools

Yes! That’s true. The education institutions can put your little learner at risk of asbestos contamination if the authorities don’t conduct regular inspections. If a school building has used asbestos-containing material, it is likely to get contaminated. Most prone zones in such a building include ceiling tiles, HVAC ductwork, area below the vinyl flooring and insulation around boilers and pipes.

Public Buildings

As already stated, earlier construction material had asbestos as a helpful component. And public buildings like movie theatres, police stations, and government buildings aren’t renovated or constructed that often. This makes them highly prone areas to contamination. The most common sections of asbestos infection in public buildings include cement piping, vinyl tiles, and roofing. However, this contamination might not affect people right away and pollute the air over time instead.

Asbestos in Hospitals

In hospitals, the most common sources of asbestos include products to prevent fire and overheating of medical equipment. Among all the individuals exposed to those sections, construction and maintenance workers are at the most risk. Although asbestos doesn’t directly infect the patients in hospitals, it can travel to sensitive areas through the air.


Churches deploy asbestos in fire prevention and soundproofing materials or to strengthen acoustical panels. Ceilings and walls are the most prone areas to this contamination in churches.

You can get efficient asbestos testing in Newcastle to know if your building needs treatment.

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