What is learned with video games?

A basic question that we can ask ourselves is: do you really learn with video games? and the answer is becoming easier to find in any of the experiences of those who have used video games in their teaching practices or at the level of research.

The results indicate that SI is learned and that video games are not only an important instrument for the support of specific learning, but also for learning general skills that are very important and necessary in the current times.

skills and competencies:

1. Coordination and perception: the capacity of spatial perception is increased and the visual field is enlarged. More objects can be captured at the same time in chaotic environments, which has a positive effect on perception for reading and efficient handling in 3D environments. It has also been found that medical students who have experience as experienced video gamers learn faster and more efficiently the handling of sophisticated surgical and imaging equipment.

2. Increase self-esteem: it has been found that it helps to reinforce self-esteem in girls with assertiveness problems, it also increases the motivation for learning when they are used in educational contexts.

3.Favorecen socialization: some games of simulation of life, type The Sims, helps to understand complex social processes immersed in everyday life. On the other hand, they fulfill a socializing function by acting as instruments of transmission of patterns of behavior, of values ​​and favorable attitudes in certain contexts.

4.Improves cognitive processes: the effects of videogame practices for the development of more complex neural networks has been proven and establishes the differences between expert and novice players. On the other hand, in the older ones, reasoning, memory and social interaction skills are improved with strategy videogames.

5. Digital competencies and information processing: the online videogames environment requires users to use skills that, with continuous practices, make them competent to process information, to select what they need to be successful in the game, update the versions of the games, download the extensions and updates of them and install them.

6.Competences for communication: the communities of gamers become communication channels between fans of certain games, also the incorporation of chats, and direct communication tools during the realization of games, favor communication skills with friends, companions and occasional players, depending on the type of game chosen.

7. Other types of skills: Video games have been designed for the specific learning of certain tasks, as in the case of serious video games intended for training in different trades.

The study area is very rich and wide, but it seems that we will not have much time available to “investigate”. Everyday life encourages us to live and understand – simultaneously – the current forms of leisure and get the most out of it from the educational and training point of view.

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