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What Is a Good Self-Publishing Company

Internet is bombarded with publishers who claim they can help you publish your own books. Most of them don't know what they have published themselves, or they are deliberately misleading in their online ads. Of the three hundred thousand authors who will publish books, most of them believe they are self publishing when in reality, they are not.

The explosion of self-published books in the last ten years has attracted a flurry of new publishing companies, eager to get on the self-publishing gravy train. The self-published books now exceed the number of books published traditionally every year by growing margins.

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These alleged self-publishing companies rely on the inexperience of eager, first-time authors who dream of seeing their books in print. Many online publishers are far too willing to take advantage of new authors by selling extras that are of little or no benefit to the marketing and sale of books.

These greedy publishers make all their money from you, the author, and could care less how many books the public buys. They already got handsomely paid via your credit card. If your own published book sells well, it will have little or nothing to do with the publisher you are using.

However, when you need more books, the average Vanity publisher will produce two to five dollars on every book you print and they don't deserve to get a change because they don't have money invested in your book. You pay for everything. If you have been taken in by one of these so-called, vanity publishers, you will overpay for unnecessary services and more often than not, wind up with an inferior, poorly produced book.

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