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What Are Pop-Up Lawn Sprinklers?

As technology has improved, irrigation of our lawns and gardens has become more simple and less complicated. If certain rules are observed, even desert gardens can be irrigated without exceeding the water budget. 

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We are seeing drought situations almost every year in areas where there is rain. This has made us want irrigation systems to free us from our dependence on our garden investments and landscape.

Before irrigation, the way we watered was inefficient. Water was wasted more than any other factor in gardening when the method of pulling out a hose and using an oscillating sprinkler to water has been used. 


Design is the first step in an irrigation system analysis. Pop-up sprinklers can be placed alongside gardens or in conjunction with lawn edging to provide a hidden resource. These sprinklers can be placed in a way that allows for optimal growth if they are properly spaced.

Modern lawn sprinklers are more efficient and water-efficient. Low Angle Nozzles can direct the spray at an angle that is less steep to prevent wind from blowing the water away. 

Timers and Sensors

Technology that is more advanced in conserving water and encouraging growth is the second level of technological innovation. Water applications must be properly timed in order to work perfectly. 

The modern timers are extremely easy to use. You can also choose up to six or more daily times to apply water. We can also set irrigation systems to run during hours we are not at work or sleeping.

The soil moisture sensors can sense when irrigation is unnecessary and stop it from happening. These two technological tricks enable our pop-up sprayers to work only when it is necessary. They make gardens look more beautiful than ever and reduce waste.

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