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Types Of Different Delivery Vehicles

As more and more service providers offer home and retail package delivery, there are many delivery vehicles on the road today. Each company can have a different vehicle in its fleet, using the type best suited to the task at hand.


Small delivery trucks are smaller in height and length than trucks. They are more useful in areas where large trucks are too large to travel comfortably or when delivering a smaller number of packages. Some smaller or regional delivery services use only freight carriages.

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Truck with box

Panel vans, also known as cubes because of their square shape, are similar to shorter cargo wagons. Another difference concerns the passenger compartment, which is separated from the cargo compartment by the truck. Mining trucks are used by several regional shipping companies as well as moving companies such as U-Haul and Ryder. Mining carts are available in various sizes.


For deliveries to hard-to-reach areas, jeeps and other all-terrain vehicles are sometimes used for deliveries of all kinds. Although these vehicles are typically smaller, they are useful in delivering small amounts of cargo, such as mail, to a small number of hard-to-reach customers.

While the most common types of vehicles are those observed daily in residential areas, other vehicles are used for the delivery of goods between traffic centers or for direct delivery to commercial customers with large orders.

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