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Try Out a Military Grade Electronics Case

Cases By Masco showcased a variety of custom cases over the last few months. They hope this will help customers see how versatile their cases are. They will be showcasing the custom military electronics case this week. This military technology case meets all military standards. You can buy the best military cases at an affordable price from

This custom case is the perfect way to protect your most sensitive electronics, equipment, and tools. It can be easily transported to any location and shipped to almost anywhere.

The Project:

– Customer Requirement: To locate a case that fits the item on the shelf. The case designer must also be able to design and create a foam interior that fits the customer's budget and requirements. Once a case has been created and approved by the client it can be mass-produced.

– Customer Application: A case for military electronics that houses vital components to be used in military deployments around the globe.

  • Type of Case: This is an injection-molded case.
  • Foam Type: This foam type is a custom cut and laminated Polyethylene PE foam insert.

We are fortunate to have the military as a service provider. The military wouldn't be able to function as efficiently without their electronic specialty devices. Many times, military personnel and equipment can be found in dangerous and extreme situations. This is why certain electronic devices are so important. The military technology case allows the equipment to travel almost anywhere and can withstand extreme transporting or shipping conditions.

The benefits:

– Extremely mobile during shipping or transport

– Latch shut closures


– Water, Dust, and Air Resistant

Drops from high places are withstandable

– Convenient storage solution for multiple needs


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