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A few days ago, I went shopping for truffle salt. After a couple of trips to discount stores and a stop at my favorite grocery store, I decided to make an impromptu trip to the big box store. Upon entering, I was shocked to see just how much we spend on this seemingly small luxury. It certainly wasn’t cheap, but we couldn’t afford not to stock up. So, naturally, we did just that. I purchased several types of truffle salt, including Truffle Salt, which I’ll be writing about today in this article.

truffle salt

Once I was done buying, I decided to put all of them in a brown paper bag and add a few drops of soy or peppermint essential oil. Used sparingly, this gave the popcorn a distinct flavor. Used it to finish off roasted sea salt at the very end of a meal I served to the family that didn’t care for popcorn, so wow.

Another reason to buy white truffle salt is because it has a very rich flavor. If you aren’t a fan of the intense salty taste, you really ought to consider getting some. Just a couple tablespoons sprinkled on baked sweet potatoes or popcorn, for example, will give you an amazing aroma and flavor boost. A few drops of peppermint added to a glass of wine also has a wonderful effect.

Real Truffle Salt is made by curing the wood chips and dry stone dust of aechmenon trees. In addition to its wonderful flavor, it has a reputation as having a high mineral content. These are actually the saltiest types of rock available, so they must be processed very carefully to maintain their flavor and mineral content. I’ve often seen people comment that real truffles have a “woodsy” flavor and aroma. This is due to the fact that the trees that they are harvested from are grown primarily in the Mediterranean region and are thus exposed to high sea levels, which create ocean currents that draw in all sorts of natural minerals. Because they are sealed within the pits when they are harvested, these stones have the richest and most complex flavor.

Many chefs use truffles in their favorite dishes. Many people love the unique flavor of truffles and would go to great lengths to acquire them. The fact is that this is a pretty difficult task, since these stones are usually very small, so it is not easy to sneak a huge handful of them home with you! Instead, many people rely on using them in their favorite deserts, cakes, breads, meats, fish and seafood dishes, as well as many more dishes. Here are some more delicious dishes that make excellent candidates for the inclusion of authentic truffle salt:

* Fresh truffle salt is wonderful for helping to enhance the flavor in savory and spicy dishes. For instance, if you buy cultured white truffle salt, you can then sprinkle it liberally on pan-fried dishes, egg dishes, scrambled eggs, sausages, salads and vegetables, as well as a wide variety of cheeses. It’s also a good idea to buy a small amount and season it in order to add its own little character to your meals.

* Another excellent way to incorporate truffle salt into your diet is by using it as an ingredient in your own cooking. Instead of buying store-bought truffles at the supermarket, why not try making them yourself? For example, instead of buying a bag of French vanilla truffles and trying to decide what flavor to put into a variety of different pasta dishes, why not buy some extra organic white truffle salt and season it instead? This way, you’ll get to enjoy the flavor of truffles while keeping healthy (and just plain tasting) budgets in check.

In summary, there are many great reasons to buy yourself some black truffle salt. Aside from the fact that it is quite affordable, it also has a host of health benefits due to its high levels of vitamin E and magnesium, as well as being a rich source of antioxidants. By incorporating it into your current diet, you can enjoy a healthier body while also enjoying a wide array of different flavors.