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Next Day Cleaner

Next Day Cleaners are an affordable way to have your home sparkling and squeaky clean on the same day. They are a hard-working cleaning crew dedicated to making your life easier. They know that you have enough things on your plate, and they want to make it easier for you to do what you love. Their goal is to give you the cleanest home possible in the least amount of time.


The Synergy with Next Day Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that has a 40-foot cord, on-board deluxe tools, and a telescopic wand. It can clean bare floors and carpets. Its filtration system includes a HEPA media filter, a self-sealing HEPA bag, and granulated charcoal filter. Its telescopic wand can reach 17 feet, making it an effective cleaner for large areas.

Anna Harasim

Anna Harasim, owner of Anna’s Cleaning Service, is known for her eco-friendly cleaning services. She started her company six years ago, and offers many specialized cleaning options. For example, she can do emergency sprucing up in advance of parental visits or move out cleaning. While this service is more expensive, it is well worth it when the deposit is returned and the new tenant needs the apartment to be spotless for their move in.


Trying to keep your apartment clean takes up valuable time that you could spend enjoying the City, or relaxing in your apartment. With modern New Yorkers living a nonstop lifestyle, hiring a cleaning company can be a great solution. These professionals offer flexible hours and competitive rates. In addition, they follow a strict checklist of 50 points to ensure the apartment is as clean as possible.

As a company that specializes in eradicating COVID-19, MyClean uses EPA-registered cleaning products to ensure that you are protected from harmful bacteria. Additionally, MyClean’s cleaning experts use UV-C light, the same technology used in hospitals to sterilize their rooms. UV-C light kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, which makes it a great choice for home or business cleaning.

MyClean’s staff is comprised of skilled, experienced maids that have been in the industry for years. They are fully trained and always ready to help. The company also believes that a clean environment fosters a healthy environment. It was founded in 2009 with a simple online booking engine, but has now expanded to employ skilled employees and use modern technology to provide outstanding cleaning services.


The Wizards of Next Day Cleaner is an on-demand cleaning service, and it’s a great way to get your apartment cleaned up quickly and efficiently. The company offers comprehensive cleaning services, including deep cleaning, furniture and carpet cleaning, reorganizing the fridge, and more. You can even order a steam cleaner to make your floors look their best!


Whether you want a one-time clean or a schedule of cleanings, Handy can help. Prices vary depending on the size of your house and the services you want. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or the company will charge you the full amount. You can also cancel a cleaning if you’re unhappy with the results, but keep in mind that it will cost you more money.

Handy is not the only company with a contested labor model. Uber and Lyft have filed similar lawsuits, and there are other companies with a similar structure. Other 1099 economy companies include Caviar, Shyp, and Homejoy. Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan is representing the plaintiffs in the suit.

Handy offers a convenient mobile app that connects homeowners with a professional cleaner. Its customers can book, cancel, and tip cleaners on the app. The service is available in 28 cities nationwide, and it offers a satisfaction guarantee. The company also provides insurance coverage for its cleanings, making it an excellent option for people who are short on time or money.

Although the company has enjoyed a great deal of success, some cleaners have complained of exploitation. The company imposes harsh penalties on cleaners who miss a scheduled cleaning. Furthermore, in order to earn competitive wages, they must maintain high ratings. The problem is that Handy cleaners are not employees, so they lack the traditional protections and benefits that come with a traditional workplace. This has led to three former Handy cleaners filing two lawsuits seeking compensation for unpaid time.