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Next Day Cleaner

If you are a tenant, you may be wondering if you can hire a Next Day Cleaner to make your apartment spotless so that you can get your security deposit back. This service can help you do that while also making your apartment look as spotless as you would like it to be. You can even treat yourself to this service and have your apartment sparkling in no time.


The Synergy with Next Day Cleaner is a portable vacuum cleaner that has a 40-foot cord, on-board deluxe tools, and a 17-foot telescopic wand. The machine can clean carpets and bare floors. It has a self-sealing HEPA media bag and a granulated charcoal filter to keep the air clean.

It reduces cleaning time by 50%. The patented cleaning solution also features a dye tracer that limits wastewater effluent contamination. The chemicals are also non-caustic and non-corrosive, which helps mitigate injury liability claims and property damage. Another benefit of using Synergy is the long warranty and service plan included with each purchase.


MyClean is a company that provides a variety of cleaning services. Its cleaning service team uses EPA-registered cleaning products and UV disinfection treatments to eliminate pathogens. The company’s cleaners wear protective gear and handle various components of a home.

The service charges reasonable rates for its services. MyClean offers both basic and deep NYC apartment cleaning. It also offers recurring services such as weekly, every two weeks or every four weeks. The company offers competitive rates for these recurring services, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of a regular cleaning.

Whether you live in a home or apartment, MyClean is an excellent option. They use a 50-point checklist to ensure a thorough clean. Although they claim to follow this checklist, I’ve personally observed their cleaners missing a few items that were on my list. For example, they failed to clean the walls behind my oven and the drawer under my oven.