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Next Day Cleaner

The Next Day Cleaner is a professional cleaning service that delivers a high standard of cleaning. Its employees are hardworking and dedicated to providing a hassle-free service that is affordable and time-saving. The company specializes in a wide variety of cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, windows cleaning, and more.


The Vantage Synergy package offers three deluxe features: ultra-bright LED headlights, a dirt sensor display, and on-board deluxe tools. Its seven filtration layers help to remove more dirt than ever before. These patented tools use a self-sealing HEPA media bag and granulated charcoal filter. The Synergy also has a 40-foot cord and can clean bare floors. The Synergy can also be used for carpet cleaning, and the vacuum’s telescopic wand and telescopic cleaning reach make it more versatile than ever before.


MyClean is an online cleaning company that employs maids with experience in the industry. They are trained and always available to complete the cleaning job. They also believe that a clean environment promotes health. The company has been around for over 8 years and started out as an online booking engine for home cleaning services. From that time, the company has grown into a reputable company with a skilled team and the latest technology.

Their company offers a full range of cleaning services for a variety of needs. Their services include basic cleaning, deep cleaning, and weekly recurring cleaning. For extra convenience, you can also sign up for their four-week or two-week recurring cleaning plans. MyClean also offers cleaning packages that include the removal of COVID-19. The company uses EPA-registered cleaning products.


When it comes to cleaning service providers, the Wizards are a great choice. These independent domestic workers specialize in a variety of services including move-in/move-out cleans, post-renovation scrubdowns, and home organizing. However, these services are only available in lower Manhattan. To find the best service for your needs, you will need to take into account the location and time of your cleaning needs.


Whether you need a one-time cleaning or a recurring service, Handy’s licensed cleaning experts will leave your home sparkling. They use eco-friendly cleaning products and use their years of experience to tackle dust in every area of your home. Booking with Handy is quick and easy with an online booking system that includes tipping.

The site is easy to use and offers a range of cleaning services. Once you’ve chosen which ones you need, Handy will send a professional to your location. You’ll need to estimate the amount of time you need the cleaning to take and how many cleaners will be assigned to your property. Handy typically requires a 3-month contract for the services they provide, but this does not apply to move-out cleaning customers.

The company started out as a Boston startup that aimed to connect service providers and customers. Since then, it has expanded to 28 cities. It has more than a thousand cleaners and 160 full-time employees. In March, Handy raised $15 million in funding, and is reportedly closing on a $50 million round of funding. While the company is not profitable yet, it is rapidly growing.

Despite its popularity, some cleaners feel that the company is exploiting their hard work. The company punishes them harshly if they miss a cleaning or don’t meet its quota. Furthermore, they must maintain high ratings in order to earn competitive wages. Unlike other employers, Handy cleaners don’t have traditional workplace protections, such as sick days. In two recent lawsuits filed by former Handy cleaners, they are demanding unpaid time compensation.

Anna Harasim’s move out service

Anna Harasim started her cleaning service six years ago, and now offers a variety of specialized options, including a move out service. This service, which is very beneficial if you want to get your deposit back, thoroughly cleans your apartment from inside to out, including behind the furniture.