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The Best Landscaping Ideas to Use in Your Garden

We have collected a few of the latest and best ideas to get you thinking creatively about the potential of your garden. 

From here you can keep searching for unusual techniques to reach the most unique design for your own garden. You can also look for the best Gardeners in Melbourne via

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Here’s the best landscaping ideas which makes your garden beautiful:

1.Rock On – The best landscaping involves combining and working with a variety of different natural and man-made elements. You can use slabs of natural stone, river rocks, pebbles, and traditional flagstones in your design.

2.Grow Vertical – This involves beautifying the borders of your landscaping, with stone-clad walls or painted fences, or making the most of your space with a vertical garden wall.

3.Material World – Before starting on your landscaping, it can be a good idea to research the many different materials available for use in the garden. 

When researching products, think about the texture you want, whether it is glossy, rough and rustic.

4.Stuff your Space – You should make the most of your opportunities by filling your space with lively colors, rich textures, and just the right amount of heady scents. 

In small courtyards try combining striking architectural landscaping features such as stone plinths and original sculptures with luxuriant greenery. 

You can also make your small space an outdoor playground for your kids by growing a small patch of grass and installing a sandbox or kiddy pool.

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