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Professional Advertising and Developing a Brand Name

To say: “what is in the name”, does not stand right in this age and time, in fact it would be absolutely wrong to say so. Everything owes their identity to their name; everything that means business. The name is your advertisement.

Owning a business that is very close to your entire life’s dream, requires the world to pay it the same amount of respect, hence choosing a great name becomes it, automatically falls into the absolute essential category. A business finds its identity in its name. It is a common misconception to keep unique names to earn recognition. It only works if it relates to the kind of service the company provides. In doing this right you lay the perfect base to doing advertising the right way.

Here is a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to developing a brand name:


Playing with the spelling-

To have a name written in a manner that is not the pronunciation is a big no-no. For example: Svutle or Houzz. Keeping such misspelled names is a sin.

Copying –

Keeping names that rhyme or have a similar sound to famous brand names will earn you no recognition; rather will confuse the consumers about the kind of service you provide with that of the other.

Restrictive –

Having a name that exactly names defines your business can be great, but if you are expanding into different spheres of the industry, it would be prudent to have a versatile name, that helps advertise for both the expanded service and the parent services.


Relevant names –

Having a name that stands for the company’s services and describes it in the best way possible. Having annoying names only spoils the brand image and makes it appear frivolous and untrustworthy.

Interesting names –

Descriptive names do best in the industry, hence playing with the meaning of the services the company provides gives plenty of ground to earn recognition and lays a foundation to advertize the brand in variety of ways. Creatively modified names give a lot of space for creative and professional advertising.

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