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Next Day Cleaner

When you hire Next Day Cleaner, you are able to stay in your home with a disinfectant and amazingly clean house. A team of professionals will arrive on the date and time you have scheduled, wearing protective gear. They will come prepared with a detailed cleaning plan and listen to your needs. Then, they will do a 50-point check of your home before leaving. They will turn off the lights and AC, and they will ensure that all surfaces and areas are free of germs and stains.

App for booking in-home cleaning

Using an app to book in-home cleanings is a great way to increase your business’s bookings. Next Day Cleaner offers a variety of features to make the booking process as simple as possible. The app also lets you customize your schedule and receive instant price quotes. It also lets you manage your staff and keep track of your customers.

The app is completely free to download and allows users to schedule an in-home cleaning service in their area. The price of the service is based on the size of the home and the condition it is in. You can choose the number of services you want, as well as the date and time of the cleaning. You can also choose which services you’d like to add on to your booking, such as laundry. Each add-on service adds half an hour to the overall booking.

Once you’ve selected the cleaning professionals you’d like to have come to your home, you can then review their service descriptions and book them accordingly. Once they’ve arrived, they’ll perform the tasks you’ve requested. Most home cleaning apps are available seven days a week. However, it is important to compare the prices of various services. You may be able to get a lower price or better service from other providers based on their rates.

Booking an in-home cleaning service on Handy is quick and easy. It connects you with cleaning professionals in your area that are experienced and affordable. The process takes just 60 seconds to complete. Once you’ve selected a cleaning professional, you can message them to check out their pricing or specify the specific services you need.


The cost of a next day cleaner can vary based on several factors. Some companies offer free estimates of cleaning costs. These estimates will include the size of your home and the time it will take to clean it. Homes that have been neglected for a long time will require more thorough cleaning and will cost more money. Depending on the size of your home, you could pay anywhere from $200 to $600 for two to three cleaners to clean your entire home.

Some companies offer all-inclusive packages, while others offer pick-and-choose services. Some will charge a flat fee while others will charge by the hour. The cost of a next day cleaner depends on how often you want to have your house cleaned, but some cleaning services may include laundry services. Some will even clean your refrigerator, interior windows, and more.

Red flags for low quality cleaning services

When it comes to selecting the right next day cleaning services, a few red flags can help you weed out shoddy options. Look out for billing mistakes, rude employees, and the lack of background checks. Lastly, make sure that your cleaning lady has the proper training and certification.

A good cleaning service will be professional and courteous. If you hire someone who is rude or unprofessional, you should avoid the company. You should also look for incomplete background checks and poorly-trained employees. Check for reviews to avoid dealing with a company that doesn’t value its clients.