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Next Day Cleaner

Next Day Cleaner has a reputation of being a high-quality cleaning service that provides top-notch cleaning service at affordable rates. This company’s professional team is dedicated to removing all hassles associated with home cleaning and saving time. Read on to learn what you need to look for in a cleaning service, as well as other important facts you need to know before hiring them.

Red flags of a low quality cleaning service

There are a few red flags to keep an eye out for when selecting a next day cleaning service. One of these is low turnover of staff. If a company has a low turnover rate, it shows they are a trustworthy and reliable company. It also means they have better trained staff. This helps keep costs low for clients.

Another sign to avoid is billing errors. If the cleaning company makes numerous billing mistakes, it is time to look elsewhere. It is also important to avoid rude employees. You should also avoid hiring a cleaning company that does not conduct background checks on their cleaning people. Bad reviews do not always indicate low quality, but they are a red flag.

Questions to ask before hiring a cleaning service

Before hiring a next day cleaner, make sure to ask them a few questions about their cleaning service. This will give you a sense of what to expect from their service. You can also ask about the type of cleaning they perform, and if they provide a guarantee. Make sure you get this information in writing.

You may want to ask the cleaning service if they use their own cleaning supplies and if they bring them. Professional cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies and can use them effectively. However, if you have specific needs, you should clarify this before hiring them. You also need to ask whether they clean your oven and windows.

Another important question to ask is whether the cleaning company hires reliable employees. This is especially important if you’re hiring a company that has access to your home when you are not there. You should make sure that the company follows strict safety procedures in the home. You should also ask who will be in charge of the key and who will be responsible for opening and closing the door. If the company doesn’t have these policies, you should avoid hiring them.

In addition, check if the cleaning company has insurance. While most companies carry liability and property insurance, some don’t. You want a company that is insured and covers any injuries that might happen on the job. This will protect the cleaning company, the customer, and their property.

The company should have a background check and a police check. This way, if something goes wrong and they’re at fault, you can hold them accountable. You should also ask for a certificate of liability insurance, which isn’t just a copy of an insurance policy, but is issued directly by the insurance company.

Checking references is also important when hiring a new cleaning service. References from past clients and neighbors can help you make an informed decision. These references will give you an idea of the service’s quality and whether the cleaning team is a good match for your home.

Additional services offered by cleaning companies

Most cleaning companies offer more than just cleaning, including carpet cleaning, hardwood floor waxing, and furniture restoration. They also often offer discounts for first-time customers. Cleaning companies should also be flexible enough to accommodate changes in schedule or packages. Some companies also use social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to increase visibility.