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Next Day Cleaner is a highly professional cleaning service. The team is committed to providing a high-quality service and saving you time. They will take care of your office and home so you can focus on other things. Next Day Cleaner is a great choice for busy people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning.


Handy is a great next day cleaner service that offers eco-friendly cleaning products and a reliable, professional team. Its cleaning professionals use years of experience to clean your home to the highest standard. You can book a one-time cleaning appointment or set up a cleaning schedule for regular cleanings. They will dust and vacuum surfaces throughout your home, remove trash, and sanitize bathroom fixtures. They can also take care of dirty dishes and even clean the exterior of appliances.

Another advantage of Handy is that you don’t have to worry about providing cleaning supplies. The contractors will bring everything they need to complete the cleaning. However, if you have any special preferences or supplies, you can always supply them. Handy cleaners are flexible, which means that they can accommodate you and your preferences.

Handy has a great app that connects home service professionals with people in need of a cleaning. The service offers affordable prices, background checks, and customer service that operates twenty-four hours a day.


If you want your home to look its best, MyClean can help. They have trained, certified, and experienced maids that are available for your cleaning needs. Their mission is to help you keep your house spotless and healthy. They have been in business for a few years and are dedicated to providing the best possible cleaning services.

MyClean uses EPA-registered cleaning products and UV disinfection treatments to kill harmful pathogens. Their cleaners are trained to clean different components of your home and wear protective gear. They also adhere to a schedule so that they can work around your schedule. The cleaning company’s rates are transparent and you can get discounts for off-peak hours or flexible schedules.

The company also offers regular cleaning services for apartments in NYC. You can request a weekly, bi-weekly, or four-weekly recurring cleaning. The cleaning team will come and clean your apartment at your convenience. With flexible hours and competitive rates, MyClean can help you maintain your busy lifestyle and maintain a clean and healthy home.


Wizards of Next Day Cleaner, a new housekeeping service in Manhattan, is a great option for busy homeowners. This small group of independent domestic workers performs a range of services, including move-in/out cleans, home organization, and post-renovation scrubdowns. They only operate in parts of Manhattan below 110th Street, so residents of higher floors have to take care of deep cleaning on their own.

Handy app

Whether you’re looking for a one-time cleaning or a comprehensive move-out clean, Handy’s easy-to-use mobile app makes booking a cleaning appointment as easy as tapping a button. The app features customizable cleaning options, and you can book as early as the same day. Customers can also schedule cleanings online and book through the Handy app.

Handy matches customers with professional cleaners and handymen. It makes booking cleaning services simple with a 60-second booking process. You can message the professional, see their prices, and specify the type of cleaning you need. You can even tip them for their work. The handy app also makes it easy to book and cancel cleaning services.

Next-day cleaning services are the perfect way to keep your home sparkling. With Handy, you can book a cleaning professional to come in and do a once-off clean of your home, while enjoying your free time. The handy professionals have experience cleaning all types of homes, so you can trust that your home is in good hands.

Red flags for low-quality cleaning services

It is important to know the red flags of a substandard cleaning service before you let them into your home. You should avoid companies that have billing errors, are rude, or hire employees without background checks or training. Read customer reviews to determine if a cleaning company is reputable.

One of the most obvious red flags of a low-quality cleaning service is a lack of professional grade cleaning tools. A good company will have the right cleaning tools and appliances. Some homeowners prefer certain appliances and products, and it is essential that the company has all of the tools necessary to do a quality job.

Another red flag of a low-quality cleaning service is a lack of training and management. If the cleaning company frequently changes its crew, it may be due to poor training or poor management. It may also be a sign that the cleaning crew isn’t getting the wages they deserve.

Anna Harasim’s move out service

Anna Harasim’s move out cleaning service is a convenient way to ensure that your apartment is sparkling and ready for you to move out. The company started as a one-woman operation six years ago, but the popularity of its services led to its expansion. Now, the company offers specialized options such as move out cleaning, which can help you get your deposit back if you have to vacate your apartment.

Wizards deep cleaning service

If you are looking for a deep cleaning service for your apartment or home, Wizards is a great choice. The Wizards team is made up of domestic workers who specialize in a range of cleaning jobs, including post-renovation scrubdowns, move-in/move-out cleans, and more. They are available for residential customers in New York City and select areas of Chicago and Philadelphia. Their rates start at $249 for a studio and go up to $379 for a three-bedroom apartment. They charge $35 for interior appliances, and their cleaning professionals are all full-time employees.