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If you’re looking for a professional cleaning service, Next Day Cleaner is a great option. Their hard-working team is dedicated to making your life easier. Not only are they dedicated to providing a high-quality cleaning service, but they are also committed to saving you time. Their professional cleaners will take care of your home and office from start to finish.


With a simple booking system and customizable cleaning services, Handy is the perfect next-day cleaner for customers in a hurry. Whether you are preparing for move-out or simply looking to de-clutter after a stressful day at work, Handy has the solution to your cleaning needs. With its easy-to-use app and online booking system, Handy makes scheduling a breeze.

However, this new startup has run into some tough realities on its way to success. First, its small staff of five had to balance the tasks of onboarding new users, resolving customer problems, and fixing technological bugs. In addition to this, the customer support phone line logged wait times of more than an hour.

The service offers two options: a one-time cleaning or a scheduled cleaning plan. Prices vary based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Handy offers a cancellation policy and charges a $15 cancellation fee if you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, it charges the full amount. Additionally, customers can request a second cleaning if they feel that the first cleaning is not up to par. In addition, the company’s customer support team is available around the clock.

When you need your cleaning done on a specific day, Handy can connect you with the best next day cleaners in your area. They have backgrounds checks and vetted all of their cleaners. This service is a great way to hire a cleaner quickly and easily. With Handy, you’ll never have to worry about the wait, because your cleaner will arrive on time. Also, unlike the other cleaning services, you don’t need to leave keys with the cleaner.

The complaint also claims that Handy failed to pay its cleaners well. Cleaners are not paid minimum wages, and they aren’t given meal breaks or paid tips. Cleaners must meet the company’s standards or else they won’t get any additional business from the company.


MyClean is one of the most reputable home cleaning services that provides excellent work and operates on ethical business principles. Its cleaners are paid for their time, overtime, and travel time, as well as health and disability insurance. They also receive payroll taxes. The company also pays payroll taxes for their employees, which enables them to pay their bills and provide for their families.

The company was founded in 2008 and sends insured cleaners to your home. These cleaners use green cleaning products, such as Mrs. Meyers brand. They are insured and leave a checklist of what they have done. The service is also affordable, so it will suit any budget. It charges based on how many bedrooms your home has.

MyClean uses highly trained maids who have been working in the cleaning industry for several years. They are also available around the clock. The company believes that keeping your home clean promotes a healthy environment. The company has grown from its early days, beginning with an online booking engine. Since then, the company has expanded its services, adding a talented team and using the latest technological advances.

MyClean offers a wide range of cleaning packages. The service offers a deep clean, which includes extensive scrubbing and wiping. The price structure is transparent, and the company offers discounts for flexible scheduling and off-peak hours. The company is also fully insured. MyClean is registered with the EPA and uses EPA-registered cleaning products.

MyClean also provides apartment cleaning services. Whether you are looking for a basic or deep cleaning, MyClean’s team of cleaning experts will handle it with competence and at your convenience. MyClean’s cleaning experts have experience cleaning apartments in New York, and they have the equipment and experience to handle any apartment cleaning needs you may have. They offer unbeatable quality, ensuring that you will get the best apartment cleaning for your money.


The Synergy with Next Day Cleaner is a powerful vacuum cleaner that has an on-board deluxe tool kit and a 40-foot cord. It can clean carpet and bare floors. It has a telescopic wand and HEPA media filter for removing dirt and dust. It also has a granulated charcoal filter and a self-sealing HEPA bag for preventing the spread of dirt.

This cleaning package comes with the option to schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings. Each cleaning crew is sent in a team of two and comes with their own cleaning supplies. It also offers a credit card payment option. To schedule a cleaning, contact the Synergy customer care center to learn more about the program.


Wizards of Next Day Cleaner is a cleaning service staffed by independent domestic workers who specialize in housekeeping. They can perform a wide range of services from move-in/move-out cleans to thorough post-renovation scrubdowns. These services are available only to residents of Lower Manhattan; residents in the Upper East and West Side need to perform their own deep cleaning.

Wizards of Next Day Cleaner was very professional and courteous. They scheduled the appointment for us and showed up on time. The workers were very pleasant and did a great job cleaning our bathroom, counters, and furniture. They also dusted the furniture. I would highly recommend them. The price is also reasonable.

Anna Harasim

Anna Harasim, the owner of the next day cleaning service, has been in the cleaning business for over six years. Today, she offers specialized services, from emergency sprucing up for parental visits to move out services. Her services are cost-effective, especially if the client receives their deposit back.