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Learn About Live Sound Mixers – Improving Your Music Quality To Professional Standards

When you hear sound mixers, they refer to devices which take a couple of sound signals and mix them together while providing one or more output signals. In addition to combining signals, mixers also adapt levels, enhance sound through effects and equations, combine records, and make track feeds.

These mixers have different designs and dimensions. Mixers range from mobile portable units to big studio consoles. In fact, the word mixer can mean any type of sound mixer. A mixer that is placed on a desk at a studio is called a sound desk and a solid console. You can order best live sound mixers for studio events from GigaSonic website.


For novices and for people who aren't too knowledgeable about the mixer, it can be quite intimidating especially with the numerous buttons and controls that are visible. However, provided that you understand these controls and buttons operate, you will see that the functions of this button are only repeated and it's not very tricky to control what you thought before.

Mixer usage can vary; But here are the most frequent applications of sound mixers:

Sound mixers are widely used in audio studios in addition to live concerts or performances. The several instruments being played are all united into a stereo master mix and extra monitoring mixture.

There are many individuals that are utilizing sound mixers and all these are a few of the reasons why sound mixers are used. Indeed, a mixer is explained based on the number of channels it possesses. Thus, if you look at the 12-channel mixer, it simply suggests that the mixer has 12 input channels, in which you can plug in 12 input resources. As a result of this, a sound mixer that has too many input channels can be considered more flexible.

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