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Know More About Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel engine oils have a higher anti-wear (AW) load in the form of zinc . The catalytic converters in diesel systems are designed to be able to deal with this problem, while the gasoline systems are not. This is one of the main reasons you want to use the best diesel engine oil in your gasoline engine.

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Getting the right viscosity is of the utmost importance. The selected viscosity needs to be pumpable at the lowest start-up temperature while still protecting the components at in-service temperatures.

Typically, the diesel engine oil will have a higher viscosity. If we were to put this higher viscosity in a gasoline engine, several problems might arise. The first is heat generation from internal fluid friction. A good rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees C you increase the temperature, you cut the life in half.

The second problem is the low-temperature pumpability of this higher viscosity. During cold starts, the oil may be very thick and difficult for the oil pump to deliver to the vital engine components in the lifter valley.

This most certainly will lead to premature wear, as the components will be interacting without the benefit of lubrication.