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How to Get Your Couch Up and Down a Narrow Staircase

When it comes to squeezing a sofa into a small space, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Many sofas are so big and thick that no matter how you twist and turn them, they will not fit. In such a case, you can take help from the best sofa doctor in NY via

How to Move Heavy Furniture Up Stairs

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This is demonstrated perfectly by stairways with many twists and turns. When there are no elevators or alternative entryways and the stairwell is congested, the options are restricted. Here are a few things to try if you’re attempting to get a couch via a narrow stairwell:-

Before you do anything, ensure your couch isn’t going to fall apart in a dangerous way. Some sofas, such as RTA (ready to assemble) furniture, maybe simply dismantled and then reassembled once inside. It would be a great bummer if you put in all that effort just to discover that your couch was about to fall apart.

When it comes to big couches, manpower is frequently a concern. Obtain a few additional hands to assist in moving the sofa around and twisting and turning it. If you don’t have enough people to assist you to carry the couch, it will be virtually hard to get it through the stairwell. Get as much assistance as you can so that you may test every possible combination.

You can consider turning the sofa upright once you have the necessary personnel. There is often a lot of vertical space in stairwells. Because the sofa is long and thin, turning it up on its end is the best method to make it smaller. This is a wonderful method to see whether you can get the sofa through a stairway, and it typically works.

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