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How Did Hunting Knife Appear?

Hunting knives have been around since the stone age. Stones, bones, and shells were first used as knives. What today's knives have in common is that they are ground in stone.

Bowie also uses a knife for hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, some knives have a snake cut between the hilt and blade. It's there to protect your hand from the enemy's sword. If you are looking for the best hunting knife services visit

Bowie isn't the only one who uses knives for purposes other than hunting. Sikhs carry religious weapons called kirpans as symbols of their faith. 

In the 18th century, cutting tools used springs to secure the blade in either the open or closed position. This makes the blade safer and tougher. The swiss army knife became popular in the 1800s. This is a folding knife that doubles as a mini toolbox in your pocket. Various tools are attached, as well as cutting blades.

Custom-made knives are very popular among modern hunters. Knives with horn handles are becoming increasingly popular. They are often made individually, which makes each one unique.

Knives have evolved from raw stone tools to mixed metal blades. The combination of western techniques and Japanese samurai forging defines today's knife-making methods. The famous knife maker, Kershaw, is associated with the region of Japan that makes samurai knives.


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