Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters

Habits of highly successful screenwriters that will inspire you to make your work productive, what is the difference between a standard screenwriter and a successful writer for that matter? What differs them from others? Okay, I would like to quote Jim Ryun here “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Yes, what he said was exactly right to my knowledge. Good habits are not only essential but also; they make the person what they are.

When it comes to screenwriting newbie screenwriters, face a lot of problems with time management and stiff competition from already established writers especially if you are a part-time writer. Here are few habits that might help someone who can’t afford taking up screenwriting as a full-time job. All these practices help you to overcome all the hurdles if you are a part-time writer. This post mainly focuses on time management and other small clinches what you face as a part-time writer. I call all these things as good habits others can name it as per their convenience.

Here Are Habits Of Highly Successful Screenwriters

Evaluate Your Talent

When you are passionate about writing, first things you should do is just evaluate yourself unbiased. Just question yourself, whether I am good enough to do this job? Do I have an abundant talent to write and flourish? If your personal voice answer is “YES” then never look back. You have to face terrible moments, dull moments and at a point in time you will lose hope and faith. But remember one thing, all these bad times are quite common even with the pros.There’s nothing wrong. If you face such terrible times, just take a break and relax everything will be okay.

Write Every Day And Don’t Be Afraid To Face A Blank Page

Many ask me, what is the shortcut to becoming a good screenwriter?. I will tell them only one thing just write every day at least for one hour. Don’t be afraid of a blank page.Don’t be afraid of your first draft, Yes, first drafts are always terrible. Yes, from my experience all I can say don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. Try to write regularly it can do lots of wonders to your writing. There is absolutely no shortcut to writing. Don’t fear to face the blank page and be ready to write crap or a dirtiest first draft. Yes, when I come across my early writings I laugh out loud for the way I wrote it. So, don’t hesitate to write terrible first drafts. Slowly, with practice and dedication your writing standards will reach the best level.

Fix A Time For Writing

This point is applicable if you are working all day and taking writing as a part-time. For that matter even if you are a full-time pro too. Just have a fixed time for writing. If u set 9 PM as your writing time then without any other thought, you have to sit and write at 9 PM every day. I do know the difficulty in handling work pressure at office and passion simultaneously, but do we have a choice? No, just fix a convenient timing for writing. Switch off your cell phones, no casual chat with your spouse. Just say big “No” on television, computer, music, etc., try to focus on what you write. Sometimes, it’s tough to focus. At that very dull moment just image all the right things that can happen if u succeed as a screenwriter. That can ignite the fire within you and keep u motivated.

Keep Your Room Clean And Tidy

Yes, choose a fixed place. But, keep it clean and tidy so that u may feel comfortable when you sit to write. If possible, use a room freshener with a mild fragrance. But place must be a perfect one for writing. If you feel cramped, then it may affect your mood. So, just pay a little attention to the place where you write.

Make It A Habit To Read A Writing Tool And Entertaining Book For One Hour A Day

If you want to write extensively then u have to read voraciously. Reading makes you write more efficiently. So, try to read at least a page when you travel to you office or gym, or convert ebooks into a mp3 file and listen to it with the help of your phone or iPod. If u have more time, then try to read a famous book for relaxation. But attempt to spend one hour a day reading a book. Just make it a habit. Reading helps to explore new things and expands your creative abilities. My suggestion would be, get a Kindle eReader from Amazon. You can save all most 3000 Ebooks, and it is very portable to carry.

Challenge Yourself With Small Goals

Set small goals, work hard to achieve it. Force yourself to work within a time frame. Working within a time frame helps to train you how to work under extreme pressure. These challenges help you to reach your primary goal, i.e., completing a screenplay in time, and these help you to overcome pressure. If u reach your small goal in time, don’t hesitate to reward yourself so that it keeps you motivated.

Always Be A Keen Observer

When I go out, I make it a point to see people around me keenly. Carry a notebook or record of people you see. When u come from a unique trait or habit, just note it down or record with a voice recorder then make it into notes later. This record helps you when u create your story characters. Be open, note all the worthy things that can help you to enhance your writing. Make it a habit of observing everything and seeing the people.

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