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There are many reasons you might want to use fleur de sel. This natural salt is a great source of calcium and magnesium. These minerals help with digestion and prevent cavities. This makes it the perfect ingredient to sprinkle on your food. Also, it has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, so it’s a great choice for baking and cooking.

Natural salt

Fleur de sel is a natural salt that contains more minerals than common table salt. It is also healthier than processed salt because it is unprocessed and natural. Unlike common table salt, fleur de sel contains 94-97% Sodium Chloride, but it also has other healthy components. This salt is expensive, and chefs from all over the world use it to make a wide variety of dishes.

Fleur de sel is harvested from shallow marshes in the Atlantic Ocean. The salt is then collected with a rake, causing the delicate crystals to rise to the surface. These crystals resemble hollow pyramids and vary in size. This salt is harvested by a salt master named Mark Bitterman.

Fleur de sel is rare, expensive, and hand-harvested from the salt marshes. It is a fine finish salt made from natural minerals. The process involves a ‘paludier’ who scrapes off the crystals from the salt marshes. He or she also picks’sel gris’ (less delicate salt beneath the top layer).

Fleur de sel is a great way to enhance any meal. Try sprinkled on oatmeal, toast, or a variety of desserts. It adds a subtle salty flavor to food and helps balance the sweetness and saltiness of different foods. You can even use it in your hot chocolate!

Fleur de sel is an all-natural sea salt harvested in Brittany, France. This salt has a fine, crisp flavor without any aftertaste of iodine. You can use it as a topping on a grilled steak or blend it into mashed potatoes.

Fleur de sel is the finest alternative to table salt. This unrefined powder has a flavor that is unmatched. It is also the rarest salt in the world. It was first introduced to the world in Guerande, France, and is produced by collecting the top layer of sea salt.

Fleur de sel is available in various specialty food stores and online retailers. It is harvested in coastal parts of southern France. While it is expensive compared to other salts, its delicate texture makes it an excellent addition to salads, meat, and desserts. It is best to store it in an airtight jar so moisture does not penetrate it.


Purgative fleur de sel is an essential ingredient in some of the world’s most popular dishes. Its iodine-free, large grains add a pleasant saltiness to a variety of foods. It also does not dissolve easily, making it an excellent salt substitute.

It is not uniform in appearance, and the crystals tend to stick together when put on the food. This salt is not as salty as ordinary salt, and it should be used sparingly and at the end of the cooking process. It has a complex flavor reminiscent of the sea.

Fleur de sel is widely available around the world and is an excellent finishing salt. It will not only add a beautiful finish to a dish, but will also help you reduce your total salt intake. Just be sure to use it before serving, because high temperatures will cause the salt crystals to melt.

Fleur de sel can be purchased at specialty food stores and online, and it can cost from two dollars an ounce to $50 a pound. It is harvested in southern France and is considered a premium ingredient for culinary use. It is expensive and not meant for everyday use, so you will need to store it in a glass or porcelain container.

Fleur de sel is a rare and precious sea salt that comes in many shapes, colours, and sizes. It is harvested by hand and has no gypsum or other impurities. It is a popular sea salt, and many women choose to use it for a healthy lifestyle.