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Fleur de sels or fleur de sel is a salty water mineral that forms naturally when seawater evaporates from the earth. It is composed of sodium chloride and calcium chloride. Fleur de sels are harvested since ancient times, and has been traditionally utilized as both a curing salve and a purifying salt. Today, it is primarily used to flavor food and also garnish certain foods.

Fleur de sels are obtained primarily in two places, France and Iceland. The quality of the minerals in this natural mineral is often high, which is why it is used to enhance the flavor and texture of certain foods. The fleur de sel garnishes on certain fish dishes and also tends to cling to the skin of meats. For example, the texture of Swiss cheese has fleur de sel attached to the rind of the cheese.

The fleur de sel salts have a very unique character when added to the above mentioned products. Each fleur de sel product will have its own unique texture. They will vary from being coarse, soft and smooth, to being very soft and having a somewhat crunchy texture. You will even find some fleur de sel products that are almost like fine sand. The grains in the stone vary depending on how it was harvested, although most stones will have a similar look and texture. There are so many different textures and varieties available when using fleur de sel.

When using fleur de sel as an ingredient in creating a dish, you can add it to just about any dish and it will still have the same taste and flavor. One of the best ways to enjoy this flavorful stone is with foods that normally do not have fleur de sel because it will give a unique flavor when combined with that particular flavor. You will taste the salt and the minerals. You will also be able to tell the difference between it and other natural minerals such as magnesium sulfate, calcium sulfate, potassium sulfate and calcium carbonate.

One of the most common uses for fleur de sel is with salty dishes such as chips and salsa. It gives a crunchy texture and flavor to the chips, but also has a salty taste to it. You will taste the salty flavor with every drop of water evaporating from the chips. This salty taste can also be added to fruit. It will enhance the taste of the fruit, but also leave a fresh aftertaste that makes the fruit more delicious.

Another use of fleur de sel in Mexican cooking is in the preparation of “salads”. Salads are a traditional part of a healthy diet and using fleur de sel in the salt mixes allows for the addition of minerals that are found naturally in table salt. The salt crystals will also allow for a thicker consistency that can add more flavor to the salad dressing. You will notice that when you use fleur de sel on table salt that the grains do not dissolve as easily, making for a smoother taste.

There are a number of other benefits to using fleur de sel in your Mexican cooking, but two out of the top most are due to how it leaves a natural flavor in the food and the thickness of the salt. With Mexican cooking being so very rich in spices, adding fleur de sel to your food allows for even more depth of flavor. You will notice the fleur de sel texture in the dressing and on the vegetables and meats. Even meats will have a unique taste with fleur de sel on it. There will be none of the typical bland taste that comes from table salt, and your dishes will come out tastier than they ever have before.

While fleur de sel is more expensive than other salts, it is worth the extra money for the wonderful texture and flavor that it brings to the table. It is well worth it for the health benefits as well, with the minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron incorporated into the mix making this an excellent choice for your table salt. Enjoy the wonderful benefits that fleur de sel brings to the table with this popular seasoning blend. You’ll find that it adds great flavor and texture to foods, especially those rich in flavor.