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Essential Pieces Of MMA Training Gears

If you would like to train in MMA You may need a lot of MMA Gear but there are a few crucial pieces you will want before you begin.

MMA Gloves: There are 2 main types of MMA Gloves, 4 oz MMA Gloves and 8 oz MMA Sparring gloves. You can choose the best MMA gloves via

Guanti MMA

The 4 oz gloves are normally used for bag work, grappling training, and also in competition and the sparring gloves are used for light sparring whilst also being able to grapple due to the gloves having an open palm design feature.

Most are made from leather but some companies offer Gloves made from different materials. If you can afford leather then buy leather because these will last you a lot longer.

MMA Rash Guards: They help prevent mat-born diseases like ringworm and staph. These diseases are common in wrestling-based sports and areas that are hot and moist i.e. a gym.

The extra layer between you and the mat or the person your training with will help you avoid unnecessary time off of your training and a visit to the docs. Invest in an MMA Rash Guards it's worth it.

BJJ GI: if you are seriously interested in MMA then you are going to dedicate some time to study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You'll require a BJJ GI and there are a number of things you will need to contemplate i.e. weave, cut, and flaking.

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