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Email Campaign Software – Online vs Offline

Email campaign software can efficiently manage email marketing from searching prospects to tracing prospects thus exemplifying sales relationships.

Using  email campaign software is a step in the right direction as far as bulk email marketing is concerned. This is because tasks like physically mailing, while the most important part of bulk email marketing, is still laborious and it is not sensible to hire manpower for this task.

It instead makes sense for you to automate this process and this is where campaign software comes into the picture. Note that there are two forms of this software: online and offline. The online version is literally like looking at a dashboard, importing your email addresses, creating an email, and then pressing send. The offline version is pretty much the same and consists of a database server and a mailing application.

The difference between these two options lies fundamentally in costs and control rather than functionality. In fact, the online version is far superior considering that there are more bundled service offerings that you get when you use it.

Some of these offerings include advanced tracking functionality and reporting and templates. Depending on which service provider you use, you might even get more. The offline line version also offers tracking functionality but at a more rudimentary level and with just a spreadsheet. The offline version, however, does offer you the functionality of surveys.


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