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Different Types Of Curtain For Different Purpose

Curtain tracking is a useful tool that can be used to secure sections of a hospital, lab, classroom, or another facility. These curtains and privacy screens for the clinical environment are good practices for patient privacy. Although curtain tracking and selection are not difficult, here are some tips to help you make the process easier.

First, choose a curtain. It is important to consider what your curtain will do. Blackout fabric is best if it blocks light. Mesh top curtains are required if the curtain must comply with state and federal commercial fire codes. This will allow sprinkler systems to protect their environment.

 High-quality hospital and cubicle curtains are made from inherently fire-resistant materials that are safe, durable, and long-lasting. There are many styles and colors of fabrics available, including solid colors, striped, textured, and patterned.

Curtain track can be attached to false or drop-down ceilings with screws or clips. The use of screws is required to attach the tracking to a ceiling. If possible, screw directly into ceiling studs.

At each attachment point, holes will be required. Sometimes it is impossible to screw into a bolt. An anchor is required when this happens. The anchor is placed into the hole. The anchor expands when a screw is inserted.

At both ends of your curtain tracking system, a stop should be installed. End-stops for curtain tracks are used to stop certain carriers from sliding out. To make it easy to install and replace curtain carriers


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