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Different Method Of Using Oil Treatment

The need to treat used lubricating oil for possible reuse has arisen due to concern for the environment, scarcity, price stability, and increasing dependence on this product for many industrial applications.

Various methods, such as distillation/clay, acid/clay, acid, and activated charcoal/clay treatment methods, were employed in this study for the treatment of used Mobil and Total lubricating oil treatment with the aim of improving their qualities for reuse.

Why Lambert Oil - Lambert Oil

The characteristics of the fresh, used, and treated oil are tested for water content, specific gravity, kinematic viscosity, viscosity index, flash point, pour point, sulphur content, and concentrations of heavy metals (aluminum, iron, and lead).

The results obtained showed that the usage of the lubricant oil affects the qualities of oil, for instance the sulphur of both brands of the oil samples was below the detectable limit, while the sulphur contents of the used oil are 0.80 and 0.69% for the used Mobil and Total oil samples, respectively.