Children playing with screens: does it produce isolation and addiction?

The days of Christmas are approaching, days when families come together for lunch and dinner, days when children share space with adults, time, dialogue, laughter, songs perhaps. Nobody looks at their cell phones because they are moments of sharing, of reviewing the year and telling old stories.

Seriously? I do not know if I believe what I just wrote because I’m sure more than one will start looking at the phone in the middle of dinner and I’m sure more than one child will find playing with his or her mother’s mobile phone, with their little one 7 “tablet or with the Nintendo DS. Then, the one who observes the scene without a device in his hand will think that “and these children, are not too isolated and hooked”? That’s why we talk about children playing with screens trying to answer the question: does it produce isolation and addiction?

If it is addictive for parents, how will it not be for children?

Children are our mirror in many aspects. They do what they see and, like their referents, they imitate us. They see adults walking like hunchbacks all day long, looking at their hands, that which houses a small screen that isolates them from the outside world and they do the same . And not only do it by imitation, is that although they saw no one use them, the screens, consoles, mobile phones, offer a difficult leisure to refuse for a child.

If you let them, if you give them free, if they can take their device everywhere, what will happen, that the family will be eating out, in a restaurant or at someone’s house and the child will be in another world. Of present body, but with the mind in another place .

So, is it negative that they have a screen?

No and yes. Yes and no. It depends. To see, putting things in place, is inevitable. Screens are everywhere, the TV, the computer, the tablet, the mobile, the portable console, … everything has its screen. Sometimes it is used for leisure, sometimes to work. Do not children have computers at school? In the future they will use them even more than we do.

Even video games have many positive things . It shows worlds full of creativity, makes them think, urges them to solve problems, prepares them for frustration when they reach an almost insurmountable level and lose again and again and rewards them when they find the solution, among other things.

But, there is always a but, that brings these benefits does not mean it is good to be with it all day. A little is fine, a lot would be too much and then produces isolation, sedentary lifestyle, lack of communication , and all this results in having a child with little communication skills, with little ability to have fun with adults or with other children, with few physical abilities and that ends up shying away from playing in the street, the park or the mountain (outside), feeling always more comfortable at home, sitting, with his screen in front.

Having a child at Christmas sitting at the table crestfallen, giving the little fingers between bites is a nonsense. That’s why you leave it at home. Oh, already, that at home alone can not stay. Well, I do not know, to eat a sandwich in the car, on the way, and so at least it does not occupy physical space on the table. Since it will not be , then directly, that is not .

Children should not live like this

With the little time children spend with us , with the little they see their family (grandparents, uncles, cousins), where do they go around the world with the screen?

There are many moments of the day to dedicate a little while to leisure. If you have already read a while, if you have already played abroad or have done some sport, if you have already done your homework, then play with the screen for a while. And eye, one thing is not a consequence of the other, that saying “when you finish your homework, you can play with the tablet” is a mistake, considering the duties something compulsory and boring and the prize and fun the other, but the child You must do a little of everything . If you prefer, you can play with the screen for a while and then do everything else.

But one moment, we were talking about the Christmas meal. You see little during the year and, when you see them, the child does not interact with them. Are not they supposed to, as children, learn to live in society? It is a very good time to listen to others, to observe how they behave, to see how they eat, to train in the art of cutting food (of course, with the screen, your mother already leaves it cut so you can eat with one hand), to talk, even, that surely you have interesting things to explain.

It is a good time to communicate, to begin to learn the rules of dialogue , that of “while one speaks, the other is silent and when the other is silent, you can talk” and that of learning to deduce what the words of the others, ironies, sarcasms and non-verbal communication . It seems a lie, but many adults do not know when to shut up … they can not see that they have talked too much or that they are making a mistake, and that is because they have not learned to see beyond words. For this is trained and learned through communication, and children, if they do not communicate, will be bad communicators, but also bad listeners.

It’s that sometimes, the family is a

That the family is a roll? Are children bored? Well, hey, it’s once a year, we’ve all been bored sometime eating with other relatives and life goes on. Parents, if we see that this is so, we can always remedy creating new conversations that include children , which need not end up being that of “Do you know that Nico has taken an 8 in mattes? Tell him, Nico, “and the boy” I got an 8 in mates. ” End of conversation. I do not know, what do I say that we have the children so that they are one more and can also give their opinion, and not only to highlight their abilities, as the one who shows the last trick of his puppy.

Well, I prefer a thousand times, in case we go for commitment and know that children get bored as oysters because there is tension in the environment, create a “sub-meal” with them , with children, and have fun in our own way, have children hooked to a screen.

And if not, we can always take advantage to stimulate creativity a bit: “Do you get bored? And what could you do to not get bored? “, And that from the I do not know what to do, remove the cobwebs of their underdeveloped creativity (it is one of the consequences of receiving canned entertainment) and put to work the machinery asleep .

As I said a few days ago, children end up turning to the screen when they have nothing on the outside that they find more fun or stimulating. Well the idea is that, that life is more fun or more interesting than the screen .

I do not know about you, but in my house there is an unwritten rule that says screens, even if they are portable, do not leave the house .

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