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Hello, chat bot lovers! and thanks for reading. In this new tutorial we’re going to discuss chat bot strategies and the benefits of utilizing Facebook chat bots in the same conversations. So, first of all why do you care about chat bot strategy and using Facebook chat Bots? Well, I’ll give you that answer right away – to make more money!

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The chatbot industry has recently grown in a huge way. There are now hundreds of thousands of chatbot developers around the world working hard to create better and more interactive chat bots. This was started because of the need to create a “cleaner” and simpler interface for chat communication. But now many companies want chat bots that are not only engaging, but also profitable. These companies are now looking towards chatbot development as a good source of revenue.

A chat bot can be a simple application created for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social media networks. It is also a standalone program that runs on a web browser and can chat automatically and socially while connected to these social networks. But what kind of chatbot marketing strategies can it perform?

Well there are many ways a chat bot can monetize a website. One of the best ways is by allowing users to purchase Facebook chat Bots. These Bots can be placed on any website and can chat for the user. These chat Bots can also perform specific tasks on the website. Some examples would be posting comments on a blog post, commenting on a status update, posting a link to a video or taking the user to a website to purchase a product or service.

Another way chat Bots can monetize a website is by having an application on the website. There are many different types of chat bots to choose from such as Google+ bot, Facebook bot, Twitter bot and many more. The basic idea is for the user to just log in and then the bot answers a series of simple questions and then post a reply. After the user logs out of the chat application, the chatbot will still be there waiting for new users to inquire about a product or service. Some examples of these apps include:

Some companies are using chat Bots to promote their websites in a variety of ways. Some websites use chat Bots to advertise themselves by allowing visitors to ask questions through a web form. Others use messenger chat Bots to send out sales messages, coupons, links or anything that can be considered interactive. However you choose to use chat Bots, it is important to note that a chat bot will never replace a real person.

A major problem with messenger Bot usage is that people can not get personal advice. A person could take to a chat bot for a sales pitch instead of getting personal advice or help. Even though this may not sound like a big deal, it can have some serious consequences on conversion rates. If a visitor gets caught up in the sales talk and chooses not to go with the provided link, this could take a good amount of time, especially if the bot used has slow speeds. This could take hours or days to fix, making the conversion rates suffer.

While chat Bots have their advantages, they can also have some serious disadvantages as well. If you want to use a chat bot, it is imperative that you ensure that your chat bot is capable of conversing in a normal fashion. While most chat bots are able to speak at a normal speed, slow or automated chat Bots can be frustrating, especially if the user is trying to make a purchase. Therefore, it is essential that your chat bot uses a quality reporting system so you can catch problems before they get out of hand and compromise your conversion rates.