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Buy Good Punching Bag

Punching bags can offer you one of the best pieces of workout equipment that you can own. All it takes is learning the proper execution of punches and kicks to fully utilize the benefits of a punching bag workout. This will provide you with both strength-building and cardio benefits at the same time that is why “buying a good punching bag” (which is known as “een goede bokszak kopen” in Dutch) is essential.


Have a look at the following ways to achieve full effectiveness from these workouts:

* Cardio: For a cardio workout, stand in one place and throw one jab each second for a complete 60 seconds. They should be so fast that a popping sound is heard when your fist hits the bag. Don’t make these punches strong. Rest for 2 minutes following the 60 seconds of jabbing. Next, dance around the punching bag and jab one time every second for 60 seconds. You will find yourself sweating pretty quickly with this one. Rest for a full minute and repeat this exercise.

* Strength Building: Start with 2 jabs and across. Then circle the punching bag. The cross should be executed with your full body weight hitting the bag very hard. Pivot from your opposite foot. For example, if you are right-handed, use your left foot to pivot. Do 2 sessions lasting 3 minutes each.

Cardio and Strength Building Mix: For a really ambitious workout session, you can attempt a 3-minute session of a combination punching bag workout.

Throw 3 or 4 jabs, followed by a cross, hook, and uppercut combo. Make these punches hard while trying for the contact of the flat part of your middle and pointing fingers. Don’t use your knuckles to hit. When you last 3 minutes doing this workout, you find out just what you’re capable of.