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bath salt walmart

Bath Salt Shopping at WalMart – Several Tips

As a customer, one of the most difficult questions to ask shopping on-line is “What bath salts and Dead Sea salt is available at Walmart.” The answer may be more difficult than anticipated. In a word, Walmart does not carry bath salts or dead sea salts. We found this out after requesting bath and body products on-line and going to a Walmart store. We were referred to a cosmetic section where bath salts and dead sea salts were displayed, but there was no way to view the rest of the store.

We walked out of the store with a tub full of bath salts, including Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, and bath beads. It seemed strange to think that a bath and body product company could put bath salts in its cosmetic aisle, but that is exactly what happened. There were bath salts and other bath products, but nothing that said “Dead Sea salt” or “Baths salt.” We also noticed there were no bath beads in the display case.

The associate that came out to assist us said the bath salts and Dead Sea salt products were new and that they did not know why the bath products were not displayed in the main display case. We asked if the bath salts and Dead Sea salt displayed in the cosmetic section were new as well, but she said no. She suggested we try the bath salts in the health and beauty aisle.

As we walked into the health and beauty aisle, the associate was still looking for bath salts and Dead Sea salt. Finally, she led us over to the bathtub section and we saw it there, filled with luxurious bath salts and bath beads. My mouth just dropped open when I saw the huge tub full of bath salts. We walked back to our table and began to wonder if the store knew it was selling bath salts and Dead Sea salt. It did and we had to find out for ourselves what type of bath salts and Dead Sea salt we were looking at.

Our first customer was a middle aged woman who was a little apprehensive in taking a chance on something so expensive. However, she looked up at the large tub filled with bath salts and said it looked to be very nice. She was very careful however, as she did not want to spill her money into one of those bath salts.

After we had several glasses of water and a bath, the lady was feeling much better and told us about her trip to the doctor and how she felt much better after using the bath salts at the bath salts Wal Mart. The associate asked her if she would like to try one of the bath salts. She quickly said “No” and produced a bath salt shaker from her shopping bag. We all laughed at her because she obviously had not even used a bath salt before. She returned home with a bath salts shaker and a very satisfied smile on her face.

We all noticed the woman’s purse had a big hole in it and we laughed as we thought of the many Christmas presents that could be hidden inside. That afternoon, we decided to try out a different method of buying bath salts at WalMart. This time, we purchased twenty five salts from the bath salts section and found they all produced a similar smell. We concluded that perhaps the large tub we had seen earlier produced the same scent. Upon further investigation, we discovered this was indeed the case.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the bath salts at WalMart were actually baking soda and ammonia. The customer had purchased these items in a different aisle at the store. Upon further investigation, we discovered that bath salts are generally sold in bath tubs and basins, not in the showroom sections. Upon realizing this information, the shopper returned to the original aisle and purchased her bath salts there. We all noticed that the aroma of the bath salts was much more similar to the smell of baking soda and ammonia than the original aroma from the baking soda and ammonia.