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Bath Salt at Walmart – What Can We Expect From These Bath Products at This Retailer?

The other day I went into my local WalMart and they had some bath salts available. It seems that WalMart is starting to be the new Bath & Body Works. Even with the economy the retail place is doing great and people are still coming in daily to get their bath products. With the economy the way it is bath products are dropping like flies. But I digress.

Most of the bath products at WalMart are in good quality and in the different discount bath and body shop brands. The bath salts I saw that were for sale were the Dead Sea salt, Epsom Salt, Mallard Sea Salt, and Sea salt. Now I know you might be saying how can you tell which is which. Well there is a pretty good reason why. When you buy bath products in retail stores they are packed and labeled and all of the other bath products are usually placed together. But the bath salts I saw that were for sale were all placed by themselves.

What is the big deal about the bath salt that was for sale at WalMart? Well, it is a natural bath product that has been used for centuries by the Bedouins of Egypt. They use it to keep themselves from getting too hot or too cold and also to help with muscle aches. The bath salt that I saw was a very luxurious product.

Like I said, bath products at WalMart are packed and labeled, and they all say “Made in America” which makes me feel good. But, you have to look closer to make sure that the bath salt is really made in America. If the product says “Made in Mexico” run the opposite direction and don’t buy it. You don’t want to support either one of these countries.

So how do you know that the bath salt that you are getting is really made in America? You just look for a number on the package. This number is not often printed and it’s best if you can get it engraved on the product.

There are many different bath products at Walmart that you can choose from. Look at the bath salts that are on display. Now, go to their online site and see if there are any products there that say “Made in Mexico.” I’m pretty sure that at least some of those bath salts came from Mexico.

It’s really interesting to know how bathroom products at Walmart can be so different when it comes to their manufacturing standards. If you look at the packages on the online store, you will see that bath salt is sold in a different manner than it would be if you walked into Walmart. Bath salts aren’t packaged in individual bags like soap and shampoo are. So, when you go to get bath salt at Walmart you are usually expected to purchase a tub of bath salt and then put it in the tub. The packages for these bath products aren’t clearly labeled as to which kind you want to get.

Some bath salt brands like Mira and Old Bay have a simple solution on how to find them. You can actually search for them in the search box on their website. They have separate keywords for each type of bath salt. So, if you really want to save time shopping at Walmart, just remember to search for bath salt instead of soap or shampoo. Then you can just find the right bath salt for your needs and then get what you really need.