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The fleur de sel flower is a variety of rose that has grown in France for hundreds of years. It has become increasingly popular over the past few years, however, as its popularity has grown. Because it forms naturally only under specific very specific weather conditions, and since it has to be picked off with special sieves each day, fleur de sel tends to be an expensive product, usually costing $30 a pound or more.

fleur de sel

People have been buying fleur de sel from France for hundreds of years, but only recently has it begun to catch on here in America. Its somewhat exotic look, with its large blue flowers and its very salty taste, attracts many to the fleur de sel coast, where it flourishes at more than three times the rate of its growth in the rest of the country. The coastal area is especially crowded: during July and August, there are estimated to be more fleur de sel sales than during any other month of the year. This is largely because summer is the peak season for beach weddings, and people are willing to pay a premium price for this unique flower.

When you buy fleur de sel, you’ll notice that it comes in two distinct forms. There’s the loose gravel form, which is quite light and easily carried; and the hard crystal form, which is larger and more solid. Many bouquets include both forms. The gravel is often included in the middle part of the bouquet, which draws crowds as the bride walks down the aisle. Most brides carry a little bit of gravel in their purse anyway, as it is both attractive and easy to carry. Some dealers also include the hard crystal in their bouquets, as it is often larger and more impressive to look at, too.

To make fleur de lis flowers last longer, you should take care of them. Make sure you take them off before they begin to wilt. Place them in a cool and shady place away from direct sunlight. Store them in an airtight container or bag. Also store them inside a plastic zipper-like bag when not being used, so they do not become disorganized and lose their beauty.

Fleur de lis flowers can last up to a year in most climates. But because of their longevity and beauty, it is recommended to have your fleur de lis arrangement preserved after your wedding. You can have it professionally preserved in a vase or wooden box, or even in an acid-free album. Acid free albums are best, because the water could damage the bouquet. Either way, consult your florist about preservation methods before you go ahead.

It is important that you know how long your fleur de lis will last, since that would depend on the type of climate you live in. However, you can prolong its beauty for a few months in the coldest winter months. The springtime is the best time for displaying this flower. But remember that it would be even better if you kept it around even during the summer. The heat of the summer is often unbearable, anyway.